Since 1992, France Promo Gym has specialised in computerised competition scoring management and services for gymnastic disciplines.

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France Promo Gym offers organisers a computerised, multimedia service for managing results in accordance with the International Gymnastics Federation’s Scoring System rules current at the time of the event.

Scoring System + Results

Our equipment consists of PCs and score entry terminals for managing competitors in real time.
Each judge is provided with an individual touch pad to record the gymnast’s score.

The equipment is all connected to an intranet, controlled by a server featuring a backup system and document printing facility.

Real time display

Each entry terminal has a display panel automatically controlled in real time. Chronometer displays and Jump height displays complete the system.

Connection to the internet enables results to be sent anywhere in the world in real time.

The competition management computer program complies with the International Gymnastics Federation regulations and manages all artistic and acrobatic disciplines.

Computers are provided for the media to follow the results in real time.

Terminals for consulting and following the competition enable event managers, the main judges and appeal judges to supervise all scores and intervene at any time.

TV embedding – Giant screen display

The interface for embedding scores for television broadcasting can be included, in accordance with the house style imposed by the organiser.

The whole Scoring system also makes it possible to display intermediate and final gradings, display scores, announce names, show advertisements or display directly onto a giant screen.

Control video

A video control system allows competition managers to watch all movements.

A team of technicians installs and operates the scoring system, supervises and assists on-site before, during and after the event. In close cooperation with the competition’s technical committee, the specialists provide help at all times.

The team consists of computer experts and technicians with a complete understanding of the rules of gymnastics.